Civil Unrest

Riots and Civil Unrest
Riots in 2020

The term “civil unrest” refers to a disturbance of the peace and tranquility of the community. It is typically characterized by rioting and lawlessness that can lead to violence or civil war.  The most common case for civil unrest is when the government has lost the trust of its citizens. This may happen if their civil liberties are being violated or if they are not receiving basic necessities like food, water, shelter, education, etc.  In America today the trust in government and civil leaders is at an all time low causing the likely hood of civil unrest likely.   The riots during the summer of 2020 was a prime example of how one incident can cause mass rioting and looting.  There are two ways to handle civil unrest, bugout or bugin.


Shelter in place

Shelter in place or bugging in is the way most people will handle civil unrest.

This is the most common type of reaction to civil unrest. Depending on the civil unrest’s nature, shelter in place is one of the easiest reactions to implement, and it is more comfortable.

But to stay indoors during civil unrest, you will need many things you will need, including at least one week of food and water. Notice the word, at least. Having a lot more will help because you can’t determine how long the unrest will last. You could have as much as three months of supply already stored in your house for a situation of civil unrest. Other things you will need include

30-days’ supply of food and water:

Although we have talked about this in the introduction. We didn’t talk about the kind of food that you will need. Don’t just store any food, because not every food can serve your purpose of staying fresh for long. Freeze-dried meals are perfect as they remain fresh for a long time.

For water, you should have a water filter in your house to supply you with clean water for some months.

2.       Alternate power sources:

One of the things that go bad fast is government-owned facilities, which the power plant is one of. So you should be prepared for situations where the power grid will be off.

Preparing for this will require you to have an alternate energy source. It could be a generator or solar. Solar is one of the best options in this case as it doesn’t need fuel or anything that would make you leave the house.

Once installed and there is enough sunlight, you could easily charge your gadgets, and do some other electricity needed activities.

3.       Home accessories:

Accessories like warm clothes and blankets, sleeping bags, toilet papers, and warmhats, especially if it happens in winter, will be needed. The toilet paper is important as you don’t want to be stuck at home with no toilet paper.

4.       Alternate light sources:

As you have an alternate power supply source, there should be alternate light sources. In case there is a blackout and there is no other source of energy. Then having a flashlight or other alternate light sources will come in very handy.

5.       Keep your car tank with some gas:

Always give some level of gas in your car. If you can keep it filled or half-filled, it will be alright, for cases where you need a quick getaway. With half or a filled tank, you would be able to get out of the city before you need to refuel. Thereby avoiding all the unending queues for gas during seasons like this.

Grab and go or bugging out

When the situation is a little dire, and you can’t stay at home, you need to hit the road. Ensure you carry everything we mentioned in the staying at home section because you will need them in the car. Right now, your car is your home.

1.       Ensure you have car kits:

You don’t want to hit the road then have some little fault on your car, and you can’t quickly fix it due to the absence of repair tools. It would be very frustrating.

2.       Keep cash:

There is no way to get around this; going on the road requires cash to get many things.

3.       Be cautious:

The only sort of stops you should make when on grab and go should be restroom breaks and gas breaks. Don’t drive at night. Have a road map with possible detours. Avoid crowded cities; that’s where the unrest gets very violent.

Being prepared for events makes it easier to handle when it comes. Don’t wait for the event to come and meet you unprepared. Make the right choice today.

Stay informed

If you don’t know it’s happening you can prepare, stay up to news in your area.