Civil Unrest after 2020 Election

Civil Unrest after 2020 election
Civil Unrest after death of George Floyd

Will there be civil unrest after 2020 election?  Will the headlines on November 4th read “Civil Unrest in America”, the chances are YES.  The current divide in America is at an all time high since the Civil War, combined with the already tense situation from the COVID-19 pandemic the elections of 2020 are bound to cause mass civil unrest across the country.

Possible Outcomes of the Election

There are really three possible outcomes from the election each with a high risk of causing civil unrest.

  1. President Trump wins reelection and the far left groups like Antifa continue their rioting.  They are surely to be joined by other groups causing the rioting to grow in the areas they are already happening and spread to the suburbs and other cities.
  2. Biden wins the election and the Trump silent majority rises up and starts to protest possible causing some violence but this is to for sure going to spark riots from the far left as they counter protest the Trump supporters.
  3. Nobody wins on November 3rd, this may be the case and could be the worse scenarios.  If the far left groups like Antifa and the Trump supports both go to the streets they will clash and cause massive civil unrest.

No matter which of these 3 scenarios play out the risk is real that you could find yourself in an area of civil unrest after 2020 election or at least stuck at home with only your supplies on hand.

people gathering on street during nighttimeWill Civil Unrest after 2020 Election really effect me?

You may feel safe in your area but civil unrest in major cities will possible cause a distribution in the food, fuel and medical services in your area. All food and fuel is delivered to your local retailors via highways, these highways and freeways have been a major target for the protesters and rioters this year.  Blocking of these avenues of distribution are sure to cause disruption in the supply chains causing shortages even in those areas not effected by the violence.  It is also possible if the violence is bad enough the major shipping companies may shutdown service to protect their drivers and cargo.

What can I do if there is Civil Unrest after 2020 Election

Section updated on 10-25-2020

We are only 10 days out from the election now but it’s not to late to prepare so here are some things you can do now.  I have created a page things you can do even at the last minute to prepare. Read it here.

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