Preparing for election violence

There is still time to stock up and prepare for the violence coming with the 2020 elections.  Remember that Amazon and Walmart all delivery in 2 days.


Food is of course an essential of life and is one of the easiest things to stockpile for any kind of emergency like civil unrest, it is also in some ways the least expensive.  There is a larger portion of the US who are currently struggling finically with the Cornovirus lockdowns who don’t have the extra money to spend towards food that may not be need so here are some tips to help out.

  • The holidays are coming so go ahead and buy all those items you need a little early before the elections like sugar, canned milk, pie fillings, green beans, etc.  This may cost a little more now but is something you will not need to buy for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • Buy extra of the foods you eat regularly so they won’t be wasted.
  • Buy foods like rice, pasta, canned meats and beans that are good for long term.
  • Stock up the freezer on meats.
  • Buy meals your kids can fix easy for lunch while they are home during the holiday breaks and buy lots of mac and cheese it never goes to waste.


  • Star saving those bottles and jugs and fill them up with water.
  • Fill trash or ziploc bags with water and store them in boxes so they don’t burst.  If stored in a trash bag it won’t be drinkable but will be good for bathing and flushing the toilet.
  • But a water filter and learn how to use it again Amazon delivers these and next day.

Stay informed

  • Keep an eye on your local news
  • Sign up for Twitter or Facebook and follow your local police, fire and politicaions so you are alerted if violence breaks out in your area or town.

Bug out plan

Create a bug out plan of where you will go if things get bad in your town.  This may be a friend or relatives outside of town or even a hotel.  Also make sure you know where your family is at all times and they have places to go by their school and work.   Keep the car fully gassed up in case you need to bug out quickly.






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