Don’t forget the pets

Daily Prepping Tip January 3, 2020

Pets are always there with us but often people forget about the, when it comes to their survival plan.  Take time to make sure you have a plan for your pets and make sure to think include the following.


  • Shot records and vaccines
  • Easy to grab and backpack which should contain
    • Food for 1 week
    • water for 5 days
    • waste bags
    • 2 bowls for food and water
    • blanket of bedding
  • Life vests or flotation devices
  • Keep leashes and collars handy
  • Make sure all tags are with the collars and leashes
  • Pet carriers, keep them close in the case of sudden flooding or tornadoes
  • Solar or battery back up for fish and reptile equipment
  • Map of local pet hospitals and vets
  • Know which hotels in your evacuation area accept pets
  • Plan on bring your pet inside during storms and bad weather
  • Get good photos of your pets in case they are lost

For many people pets are like their children so lets not forget about them.



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