Grid Down Event 3,2,1 Lights Out

Grid Down Event
City in lights

In today’s technical society more and more utilities like electricity are controlled by computers.  This makes them more vulnerable to viruses and hackers that can lead to a massive grid down event.  Anyone who has lived through the after mass of a hurricane or severe winter storm can tell you that a power outage can be life threating.


Is a grid down event possible?

There have been no digital assaults against utilities in the U.S. that have brought about perpetual or long haul harm to their networks, yet electric utilities all through the U.S. have seen a consistent increase in digital and physical security related functions that keep on raising concern. Their operators and administrators comprehend that the impacts of an organized digital and physical assault on an utility’s activities would undermine electric framework reliability and possibly bring about huge scope power blackout.

Utilities are regularly confronted with new difficulties for managing these digital dangers to the networks and keep up a lot of best practices to stay up with the latest technology.

The United States government has does research on the possibilities of a grid down event and considers its a real threat, you can view the report Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis of the U.S. Electric Sector report to read more on their findings.

How long would a grid down event last?

Depending on the scope of the outage it could take months even years to fully restore power.  A scenario where the attackers were able to overload transformers or even damage the electrical generators could mean that new ones would have to be built.  With a limited amount of electric to do the work this would be a long drawn out task.

What do I do to prepare for a grid down attack?

A long term grid down event would cause massive disruption in food distribution, medical services and all modern convinces.  As with most long term disasters food, water and security are your major concerns.   A safe and well stocked bug out location would be your best defense against the riots and violence that will soon follow a grid down event.

Also consider something mobile and self contained like a RV or sail boat.  This will allow you to move freely away from violence and contain all you need to survive.  You can also invest in solar cells for your home.


Check out the following video from CNBC about the security of our power grid.


Upcoming changes to the power grid

Fossil fuels are still the primary source of energy for cities and towns  but the U.S. electrical grid is in the process of a massive change, with millions of rooftops already poised to be adorned with solar renewable power.  This in the end could help reduce the effect of a grid down event.   One long term solution people select is a gasifier that can produce electric directly from the burning of wood.  A gasifier is great way to help reduce your dependence on a power grid. This is also a good way to replace a gas stove in a home, which is another consideration when during a grid down event.

The bright side

The bright side to a grid down event is Texas has it’s own power grid that hopefully could be disconnected quickly before it was damaged allowing part of the US to maintain power during an outage. This could the difference between years without power to months.  It is recommended that allow power grids become more self isolation to prevent a country wide black out however this is a tough fight since without the power crossing states line the federal government has little restriction on it’s production and use.