Measles I Got Vaccinated not a Threat WRONG

There has been a lot of new lately about an increase in cases of the measles in America.  Most of Americans think just because they got vaccinated that diseases like measles isn’t something they need to prepare for, but they couldn’t be more wrong.  First of all the measles vaccine is only about 93% effective when somebody is only given one dose, which is the case for most people.  This means that you have a little under 10% change of getting measles even with the vaccine, for those who aren’t very good with numbers means one in ten people.  Count the 10 people closest to you and count on one of them getting measles if they were all expose, or maybe you would be the one.

It still not a big threat since antibiotics work against the disease and it’s really fatal. True but let’s say a terrorist organization found a good way to spread the disease and millions were exposed, lets use New York City as an example. There are about 9 million people in NYC, of them only about 90% are vaccinated against the measles meaning there are 900,000 people who aren’t vaccinated.  In addition with only a 93% effective rate of the vaccine this means there are another 567,000 people who can contract the disease for a total of 1,377,000 potential victims.

If an outbreak of even 10% or 140,000 cases happened over a period of a month than the psychological effect on the general population could cause major distribution in public utilities and good and services resulting in rioting and marauders looking for food and water.

Keep up to date on the news and always take every threat seriously……



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