Preparing for a Pandemic

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A pandemic i something that should run it’s course withing a few years max so 2 or 3 years of food is a good idea.  Those who keep livestock should also consider that the pandemic may effect their animals so they should not be relied on for food.  Farming after a pandemic should be unaffected since bees have a much different physiology than humans.


Water in suburban areas could be come scares if the water treatment plants are closed down due to no workers.  Ensure you have a way good store to start and away to replenish such as a rain catchment system.  You will also need to sterilize it to ensure no contaminants are present.  A rain catchment system may pick up bird feces from the roof or your home and contaminant your entire supply of water.


You should have a way to seal and filter whatever shelter you have.  Bugging out would be recommended for anyone living in the city to reduce the change of coming in contact with infected people.  Those bugging out to the country should take into account that rural areas maybe more of a danger if the pandemic is effecting livestock.   Apartments, especially those with shared ventilation, should be avoided as the disease will spread rapidly in them.


The biggest thread to your safety will be civil unrest, you should be prepared to defend your home at a minimum against attack by hoards and neighbors when food becomes scares.

Special Considerations

Be prepared with plenty of protection clothing and mask along with stockpile of disinfects.  There maybe a time when utilities are cut off due to no workers at the plants and fuel for generators maybe come scares if the trucks stop operating so be prepared with solar panels for necessities.