Civil Unrest Survival 101

Civil Unrest Survival
Civil Unrest 2020

Civil Unrest Survival depends on you, the police will be stretched thin and help may not come for hours.

You need to understand that sometimes, peaceful protests can turn into violent situations. The first thing you need to do is realize that these are not good things. Take precautions that will keep you safe during civil unrest. These include having an army of bodyguards at your beck and call but then again who can afford that….

In addition to being prepared for civil unrest, it’s also a good idea to have the right attitude towards civil unrest. A lot of people get nervous and scared when there is trouble, but a calm and professional outlook will keep you from becoming a victim of civil unrest.

Tune in and Stay Informed

1. Tune into your local news and media personalities on Facebook or Twitter.  Yes, social media isn’t the best sort of news but it will give you updates on what is happening around you.

2. Befriend your neighbor and make sure you share information as it happens.  This is especially true if the unrest comes to your area they can keep you informed of what they see.

Civil Unrest Survival

1. Don’t assume the police will be there. Civil Unrest Survival is up to you.

2. Everybody is a target that includes the elderly and children.  These are rioters and revolutionaries they pray on the helpless.

3. Try to stay out of site and don’t get involved in confrontations if at all possilbe, remmebering of course we should all help each other when possible.

Your Civil Unrest Survival may require you bugout

Civil Unrest1.  Be prepared to bugout to a safe location, and make sure you have one already mapped out.

2. Make sure the car is packed and full of gas should you have to leave.

3. Download the maps needed on your phone incase the internet goes down.

4. Make sure you don’t get blocked on a dead-end or cul-de-sac street if you have to bug out.  If you live on one already make sure to stay aware of what is one or two streets away incase you have to bugout before they get to your street.

5. Always remember civil unrest survival  is about your life and not protecting your property if it comes down to it.

Stay Indoors

1. Staying in doors as long as possible is a good idea and ensure you have a room where lights can not be seen outside.

2. Make sure you don’t have any obstructions that prevent you from seeing your street or yard like parked cars, trash cans, etc.

3. Tactics used by rioters during civil unrest may include constructing barricades, Molotov cocktails, lasers, smoke grenades, rocks, and slingshots so make sure to keep an eye out for all of these when away from home.


Protest of Riot

With social media even a simple demonstration may turn into civil unrest survival situation in just minutes.  This happens most often when agitators and criminals infiltrators the protest and cause violence and looting that spreads.  Staying away form even simple protests can save your life.  If you do go to a protest ensure you know where you are at all times and have an escape route or safe space you can go to.

Civil unrest and rioting often occur at night so special attention is needed when driving at night.  Image driving home from a late shift at work and driving through a riot.  This is why you should always be informed on what is going on in your area.  Remember civil unrest survival isn’t just about being prepared it home it’s about be prepared at all times.

Civil Unrest Survival Resources

Read more about preparing for civil unrest  and keep up to date at

If you think the election will not bring civil unrest watch this video



Levels of Civil Unrest by the US Armed Forces

  • Public disorder. Public disorder is a basic breach of civic order. Individuals or small groups assembling have a tendency to disrupt the normal flow of things around them.
  • Public disturbance. Public disturbance is designed to cause turmoil on top of the disruption. Individuals and groups assembling into a crowd begin chanting, yelling, singing, and voicing individual or collective opinions.
  • Riot. A riot is a disturbance that turns violent. Assembled crowds become a mob that violently expresses itself by destroying property, assaulting others, and creating an extremely volatile environment.


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