What is a Supervolcano

The expression “supervolcano” infers a volcanic that has the possibility to create an eruption of magnitude 8 on the Volcano Explosivity Index (VEI) based on past eruptions.  The term “supervolcano” became popular with science fiction fans and doomsday preppers in the last 20 years.

Know Supervolcanos

Yellowstone – The biggest known eruption at Yellowstone (about 2.1 million years ago) had a volume of 2,450 cubic kilometers however not all Yellowstone eruptions are that large, actually most have been much smaller.  Yellowstone is considered a supervolcano because in the past it has created eruptions that measure 8 or more VEI.  Yellowstone area includes Heise Volcanic Field, Wah Wah Springs, and Lava Creek.

Lake Toba, Indonesia –