Terrorism in 2020

9-11 Terrorism

US terrorism threat

The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, is still remembered by a lot of US citizens. The incidence exposed their citizen to new levels of terrorism destructions. Over 3000 victims, who were civilians, died from the blast. The threat of terrorism in the united states still exists despite the success of the different law enforcement bodies.

Looking back at data, we would see that the overall terrorism-related crimes in the United States decline towards the early 1980s but increased for the next five years. There were five acts of terrorism recorded in 1995, three in 1996, four in 1997 and seven in 1999, eight in 2000, and the 2001 attack that produced the most casualty for a terrorist attack ever on united soil. In recent years, terrorism activities have been on the decline in the USA, partly due to our law enforcement’s proactiveness for curbing the continuing terrorism threat.

Terrorism can be divided into two types: The first type is Domestic terrorism, while the second is International terrorism.

Domestic terrorism:

Domestic terrorism is the kind of terrorism where a terrorist targets victim in a country in which he/she lives and shares the same nationality as the victim.

The domestic terrorist groups can be further divided into two the left-wing and the right-wing domestic terrorist groups

Right-wing terrorist groups have core values involving the principles of racial supremacy, anti-governmental, and anti-regulatory beliefs. An example of domestic terrorist groups in the united states is the “world church of the creator (WCOTC) and national alliance. These groups are known for their racial-based hatred and open racist rhetoric’s.

The right-wing domestic terrorist group is very dangerous, with two large-scale terrorist attacks planned in 1999, which was prevented by law enforcement. Their treats still exist today.

The left-wing domestic terrorist group is a group that doesn’t seem harmless at first due to its revolutionary socialist doctrine. The left-wing terrorist group sees themselves as the protectors of people against capitalism and imperialism’s bad effects. And they hope to spread their doctrine through revolution rather than politics.

The group of terrorism used to be active in the United states until the 1980s when law enforcement brings down the groups. The terrorist group believes violence is the only way to draw attention to their cause.

Today, there are right-wing terrorist groups like animal liberation from (ALF), an extremist animal rights movement, and the Earth liberation front (ELF), another group related to the ALF that claimed responsibility for the 1998 arson fires on the Vail ski resort. Numerous cases of terrorism have been linked to the ALF and ELF.


International terrorism:

International terrorism is violent crimes committed by groups or individuals associated with foreign terrorist organizations or nations. The most serious international terrorist threats to the United States come from the Sunni Islamic extremist. The Sunni Islamic extremist is affiliated with Usama bin laden, and other top individuals associated with the Al-Qaeda organization.

Even with the recent defeats, they have suffered from US troops. Al-Qaeda continues to be a capable and potent terrorist group against the United States. The group is willing to inflict large scale violence and destruction against US citizens and interests anytime the opportunity presents itself. This is evident in their former works like the September 11 attack, the bombing of two US embassies in East Africa, and a host of others.

Al-Qaeda is just a percentage of the overall threat posed by the international jihad movement. The international jihadist group comprises different individuals, groups from different nationalities, and tribes working together to achieve the Sunni terrorist group’s goal.

These groups are very committed to their radical jihadist international movement. They are governed by an ideology that every country or state that is not ruled by the sharia law is considered the enemies of Islam, and violence measures must be perpetrated against such nations.


After many years of battling terrorism, the threat remains a major issue I the united stated, and it is due to dome certain reasons like

Lone offenders:

Terrorist acts have evolved from large group attacks to lone-offender attacks. The individuals use the internet to radicalize, and they plan their violence very quickly. Lone-offender terrorist is hard to identify and investigate because they are not associated with any terrorist group.

The internet and social media:

The internet is a place for everybody, which sadly includes international and domestic violent extremists, who now have a way to propagate their message to the world through messaging platforms, online images, videos, and publications. This helps in recruiting and radicalizing individuals for their groups. Social media has also been used to have visual access to people living in the United States.


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